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  • Trumbo



    An important film, imo. It challenges your beliefs and shows how to persevere against all odds. Trumbo's life is a great testament to that. And many of those challenges still exist in our society today; more than ever some would say. Trumbo used his intelligence and life experiences to challenge the highest of authorities. And he certainly suffered due to his bravery. But he exposed many flaws in the system that would not have been exposed otherwise. That alone is a major accomplishment. Kudos to the whole team for such a marvelous summation of his life and work.

  • The Graceful Brute

    The Graceful Brute


    As cheekily subversive and immoral as anything Imamura ever made. You could compare it with Stolen Desire or Pigs&Battleships except that it is about a real family and takes place in a cramped space. Imamura was among the directors who studied under Kawashima so the influence makes sense. Kawashima does wonders with the claustrophobic space, making it an expressive tool for the characters' emotions and psychology. Simply a change from a low to a high angle speak volumes. And Kawashima makes the audience an accomplice with the numerous voyeuristic shots. Last but not least, I'd like to credit Kaneto Shindo for such a sharp, timely script.

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  • Castle of Purity

    Castle of Purity


    Upon hearing about the Academy Award nom for Greek director Giorgos Lanthimos and his 2009 commercial and critical darling Dogtooth, Arturo Ripstein, possibly the greatest Mexican filmmaker working today, reportedly considered sending him a message saying "I hope we win." Frankly, I wish he would have sent him that message and many more given how blatantly Lantihmos ripped off not only the premise but also a number of other key screenplay elements from Ripstein's masterful The Castle of Purity. I'm…

  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon


    Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of differences between Ozu films, even postwar ones. To describe one Ozu film is certainly not to describe them all. Take, for instance, the theme of a father trying to marry his daughter off. In this case, however, despite suggestions from his war buddies, Ryu's character does not seem too worried about his daughter and even ends up fumbling the proposal for the man she had her heart set on. Iwashita's character…