Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Spiderman Far From Home is perhaps the lightest of the Marvel films in its newer generation. This is also what makes it so fun and easy to watch. It may be lacking in the “sophistication” we’ve come to expect with the MCU, however, it embraces its teenage cast and subsequently similar plot and arc in a fun and lighthearted approach. However, in saying this, it’s also super forgettable and doesn’t do a lot besides pretty special effects and good writing.

Of course, Spiderman was going to be the nominated hero to fill Tony Starks’ shoes. He fits the description as a white, costume-wearing and intelligent kid. This was to be expected and whilst it’s unfortunate that Marvel continued to go down this path, it was inevitable that they would.

This film is seriously funny and the writers have to be commended for that. However, the major twists of the film are highly relatable and have come to be expected of Marvel. They seem to have developed a formula of storytelling all of their own and are hesitant from leaving the ground of familiar. As with past films, they don’t take risks and this predictability just enough to make these kinds of films truly great.

It’s a good stand-alone film but unfortunately, it follows on from Endgame and so it has a lot to live up to, which it doesn’t. Ironically this is what the whole film is about though, which is a nice parallel if you look at it from this angle I suppose. Never the less, the writers have done a good job in attempting to pull the film into the franchises new phase.

Wider metaphors are blatantly used as a look at America’s current uncertainty with its future, only to remind audiences that, in the end, everything works out fine.

Overall consensus: A funny and exciting, fast-paced sequel which doesn’t live up to Marvel’s big money profiles in the past film but is a fun journey all the same, though, inevitably forgettable.

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