I couldn’t help smiling all the way through this.  

The spectacle of it was enough for me. I gave up trying to think about it (turned my brain off after he wakes up from taking the pill and visits the scientist). I just gave in to feeling like I was told to do. Naturally, feeling led to investment which then led into a huge emotional response.

The plane sequence! When they were opening those doors and holding their breath -  my heart! The temporal hijinks battle near the end! The car chase sequence! The steadicam shots at the opera! The backwards fighting (how the hell did they shoot the backwards stuff)! JD Washington!! The identity of the diver!! Pattinson’s charisma! The beautiful close ups! Pattinson’s charisma!!

It does have flaws. I do agree with the critics who see the mother/son storyline to be underdeveloped. He just needed one long-ish scene with the kid actually talking to Kat on the boat or something. May be he did shoot that?

Also the connection between Kat and the protagonist lacks spark, therefore it seems strange that he is not only compelled to save her but also watch over her. This is where Interstellar wins for me, I think, because the personal, familial storyline is very simple, clear and utterly devastating. So, when Nolan brings all his time threads together (like he always does), the empathy is overwhelming.  

But these little flaws that I thought about on the way home and not when I was experiencing the film...

I still felt and feel incredibly emotional about the spectacle of Tenet.

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