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  • Sibel
  • Instant Dreams
  • Birds Without Feathers
  • Ghost Squad
  • Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club

Synergetic Releases

21 films

A list of our films and where to find them.

  • The Girl Gogo
  • Children of Nature
  • Remote Control
  • Noi the Albino
  • And Breathe Normally

Icelandic Cinema

5 films

We asked Ása Hjörleifsdóttir, director of The Swan, to curate a list of Icelandic cinema.

  • The Constitution
  • The Merciless
  • The Swan
  • Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club
  • Gregoire


7 films

A list to keep you on your toes. You're welcome.

  • Fine Dead Girls
  • The Living and the Dead
  • The Border Post
  • Sorry for Kung Fu
  • Sex Drink and Bloodshed

Croatian Films

17 films

A Croatian film primer taken from The Croatian Audiovisual Centre's book In Contrast: Croatian Film Today edited by Aida Vidan…

  • Sonatine
  • A Taxing Woman
  • Akira
  • Ikiru
  • RoboGeisha

Japanese Films

10 films

Here's a list of our Japanese film selection curated by our staff. more about us: