The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

“Your sacrifice completes my Sanctuary of a Thousand Testicles”

I’m kind of lost for words. Both Fando y Lis as well as El Topo were incredible films, but The Holy Mountain is another level entirely. There is too much to pick apart and digest for one viewing, so I will certainly be rewatching this soon. It’s not a state of shock, but when the credits started rolling, just tidal waves of emotions poured over me. It was almost like a religious experience is the only thing I could compare it too. It’s very rare that films have made me feel that sort of way, and the trouble is coming I can’t even describe it. It’s layered and stunning. This movie is seriously gorgeous, Arrow have done a truly incredible job here. I want to dive into Jodorowsky’s mind for a while. The violent and bloody imagery bleeds seamless in and out of hyper sexualised abstract scenes. Blood. Spit. Cum. Shit. Bodily fluids of all types are coating the screen with the bright colours of a rainbow palate almost. This is a wholly unique cinematic experience. Once again, he has created high art layered with so much symbolism, commentary and critique that’s it’s nearly impossible to catch every reference, let alone understand every single finite detail included. The craft and the love that has been put into this film is at such a level that isn’t really seen a lot in movies anymore. This really is a truly special polarising slice of cinema that demands repeated viewings. Jodorowsky has really created films that feel like a punch to the throat but in the best way possible. Just watch this film, even if you hate it. Experience this for yourself. It’s a cinematic journey that you won’t forget. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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