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  • A.M.I.



    A fun "well on the way down the path to insanity" flick that was held back to some degree, for me, by not understanding why the AI was encouraging Cassie to do bad things. So, even if the AI is acting without any sort of morality purely to benefit Cassie, couldn't it understand, through research, that things would probably not end well for Cassie?

    That ending minute or so was really silly.

  • Eli



    I love myself an evil mansion, but then the ending came and I was even happier! Earned an extra half star for not wussing out on a good ending!

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  • Wounds



    Much better than Under The Shadow, though I wish we got to see more of what happened to Will at the end of the film, such a tease! Excellent use of building tension.

  • Atrocious



    Some pretty good effects, but the story connecting it all could have used some work. I prefer a little more meat on my torture porn horror bones. Maybe it's a sign I'm maturing or getting old, I dunno.