Ouija: Origin of Evil ★★★

Jason Recommends

Tears and I have decided to start a new weekly review where we watch something recommended by the other and post a review. I will let him think of a catchy name for this as he has wonderful creative ideas. This is my first movie officially reviewed for the greatest man in Canada!

Tears loves Mike Flanagan. I understand why, he has done some pretty cool stuff. Sadly, it actually took Doctor Sleep for me to develop an interest to see his Netflix series because I'm stubborn like that. Those series won't fit into the amount of time I have to watch a movie before I am forced to head off to work and that's why this was watched instead. I wouldn't put this very close to the greatness of Dr. Sleep but it was a hell of a lot better than Gerald's Game. I think it was a great idea to make this a period piece set in the 60's to make it a little more unique. Some of the possessed scenes with Doris, like when she is talking to her sister's guy about choking, were very creepy and well done. I also appreciate that the ending was dark and didn't just pull a happily ever after.

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