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  • Epidemic



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    Epidemicⓔ is a film about cross-country penpalship between a pretend-teenage boy who's really an older man and an assortment of teenage girls. Not done for malicious reasons by the man the events nevertheless are comical as they become anecdotes told years later. Part of the source of amusement stems from the naivety of the girls that reflect a hope that we the listeners of the anecdotes told by the man know has been futile from the start. The man only…

  • Awake



    Heavy-handed cautionary tale of what the world would come to if everyone became woke. Everyone's obsessed with the remaining two individuals who aren't woke but have zero clue what to do with them other than to rob them of their freedom and keep them alive even against their will. Meanwhile society quickly collapses as everyone turns into incompetent bumbling idiots and nobody can think straight anymore until finally anyone who somehow survived the social upheaval eventually even forgets how to breathe.

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  • Brutal Ardour

    Brutal Ardour

    'Brutal Ardour' is difficult to describe, but I'll try. It's an avant-garde film with structural film elements. The images are very elusive (low-resolution, high-contrast, it's in color but might as well be in b&w, or rather in sepia). You can sense the film running through the projector, it generally runs on a very low frame rate (like about 5 fps), making it actually less about the content of the images and more about the film material.

    More important was the…

  • The Violence of a Civilization without Secrets

    The Violence of a Civilization without Secrets


    «Memory is not a container for information, but a perpetually emerging process.»