Justice League

Justice League ★★★½

Ok so I know that Snyder made watchmen and that was a masterpiece but he just doesnt know what to do with this. 

Whedon's influence was one of the best elements of this film along with the actual Justice League. 

Batman is awesome but i wouldve liked to see some more action scenes with him in. Thats one of the few things that BVS outdid it on. 

Wonder woman, well... (Uncomfortably shifts sitting position). 

The action was really really fun to see and I really liked the aesthetic and cinematography of it. 

Steppenwolf is about as menacing as his unfortunate name. 

Flash was great and really fit in with the team but also stood out in the best way possible. 

I dont like the Lois Lane storyline and the characters involved with it. 

Overall the film was entertaining at best. Its story was extremely muddled and villain sucked balls. It struggled to maintain good quality throughout the film. 

The entire DCEU just feels rushed and while they pulled off the amount of new characters quite well, like i said it still feels far too franchisey. 

There is a real Justice League out there. But this wasnt 100% it. 


PS: the last end credit scene put the biggest grin on my face.

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