Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

Has a boring ass first hour and a bit and a big chick of it wasn't even needed but if I said that it didn't put a gigantic smile on my face, I'd be telling a lie. 

Loved all the fan service and cameos as well as most of the new characters. Surprisingly a bunch of characters from older films were improved upon massively. 

In particular, Rey who I found unbearably annoying in TFA, was likeable and as a result, I actually cared about her. 

2 of the biggest issues that I had with the film, aside from the pacing, was the constant Deus Ex Machina that kept happening. Disney can't seem to kill off any major characters in either this franchise or the MCU. 

The underuse of most of the villains pissed me off too. For one of them, it was followed by one of the best action scenes of the year made it more bearable but for another, it was a complete waste of character and potential. 

Mark Hamil was fantastic as was Carrie Fisher and all of the new cast.

The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous and is up there with King Skull Island and Atomic Blonde for best cinematography in a blockbuster. 

I'm hoping I won't despise it on rewatch as I did with Force Awakens now that all the surprises are gone but I doubt I'm seeing it again in cinemas so I'll have to wait for the DVD release to see. 

Overall doesn't reinvigorate my childhood love for Star Wars but it's a damn fine blockbuster and above all, a hell of a lot of fun. 


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