Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ½

wow! what an absolute slog! this is like worst case scenario "tatami galaxy." the only two types of jokes in this are "random" and "gross." everyone in my theater was cracking up so maybe im the weirdo but i honestly dont get how "haha sex toy" is a good enough joke once, let alone the ten times it is repeated throughout the movie. nevermind the "everything" bagel plot point or the neverending "hot dog" gag. its simply all as terrible as it sounds

way too much dialogue was in the same sphere as "we're all meatbags floating in space lol" for my comfort. im sorry but i dont even know what the "Daniels" (LOL) were trying to say and i refuse to think about this movie any longer than the 2+ hours i sat through it. i think its a very ugly movie in a lot of ways

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