Imaginur ★★★★★


so many good dialogue in malay but just doesn’t sound nice or right in english so i guess those who really gets it, gets it.

literally bawled at the last act, reminded me of my dad when nur said something along the lines of “memories could fade but deep down, the feelings are never gone. we had a nice life.” an attack to the gut. ugh i love this film sm. coming into the cinema with low expectations (yes, bc local) but gone out highly satisfied with full of emotions and thoughts. also a fair splash of something new in malaysian cinema with the sci-fi & romance bit, it worked. i saw a few people who questioned the ending or didn’t understand it but i feel that the storyline is already good as it is. couldn’t have done it any other way. absolutely love the production design and colours of everything too, and the breathtaking cinematography & oh the ost!!! this can def go far.

also!! my first film of nik amir mustapha’s. i’ve been wanting to watch kil a couple of times so i guess this is an opening to that. time to explore. i think i’m going to end up thinking about this film a lot.

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