The Breakfast Club ★★★★★

The pinnacle of coming-of-age stereotypical-driven comedies

Our five characters are each presented to us in a way that shows their attitude/way of living, something we might not all have noticed, it’s a small detail but a good one:

Claire at her father going off on how she has to attend school on a Saturday, better off doing whatever she pleases on that day, she herself says how she went shopping instead and how it doesn’t make her a “defective” a glimpse into the spoiled life
Andrew getting pressured from his father about how no school is gonna offer a scholarship to a “discipline case” with his wrestling
Bender walking without a care in the world dressed in his rebellious-esque heavy metal style clothing 
Alison getting left there and then without care, when she goes to look her parents immediately drive off
Brian being told to use time to his advantage to study, rather than just sit there

In small detail it shows us how each character is and how they’re treated by their parents, an on-going topic present in the film

From here on out, complete chaos

Well not really but it’s a fun movie with some really touching moments, a classic in its own right

Tons of standout moments and highlights, everything from a screw being taken out a door to getting high to confessing about their lives at home to becoming ‘friends’.. it’s a fun ride and it’s one of my favourite films