Jaws ★★★★½

Perhaps one of the best horror films of all time if you would consider it horror and I think there's a great argument to be made that it is. The cinematography and script of this film are so on point that it leaves a lot to be admired. This is undoubtedly a film that holds up like a fine wine and is the quintessential "what's that in the water" film. At this point it's so academic that this is the best shark film (while that is a small subset of film) that you have to broaden the scope to even make a point worth making. Spielberg's mastery is on full display and Robert Shaw is brilliant in his role as Quint. His story from the Indianapolis is one of the most mesmerizing and intriguing stories told and one of the best pieces of dialogue on film. Lastly, the score is so iconic that it lives amongst the scores that are so embedded in popular culture that even those who have not seen the film are familiar with it. Truly a masterpiece!

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