The Holy Mountain

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I'm editing this after my initial review because my nightly reviews seem to be tired and a bad attempt at brevity. This is about as strange as some of the greats in the category get and very akin to Passolini and Godard in the absurd visual representation. As the favorite movie of one of my favorite reviewers (Adum from YMS) this was a movie I was always destined to watch and I'm not disappointed. This felt like a very cutting commentary and war, religion and commercialism and a lot more. While every detail didn't immediate resonate or make sense to me, enough of it did just on the face of it that I didn't feel helpless throughout my viewing. The visuals are truly brilliant throughout this movie, and on that basis along should be a movie to seek out! The music is also pretty brilliant in a lot of sections. Jodorowski was quite good as a central and important character. The Nine with whom the second half focused on were all really neat and creatively crafted characters as well. The ending was neither a high or a low from my viewing but one of the only places the movie could go from how absurd the 99% before it had been. Ultimately an experience that a lot of avid movie watchers should seek out and will likely enjoy for its artistry and creativity.

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