Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½


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Gone Girl is a fantastic movie. I’ve wanted to watch this film for a long time and I went into this with incredibly high expectations. I went into this expecting a heinously well crafted thriller that would have a lot of unpredictable twists and that’s exactly what I got, I really wish I would have seen this sooner because there is so many little details to reflect on. The plot is great it’s an extremely engaging and unpredictably dreadful story. It’s a very intriguing mystery full of incredibly well built twists and turns. Also the subtle themes of overcoming/dealing with a dysfunctional and destructive relationship are utterly adept. It’s shocking how every thing unfolds especially in the last hour/third act of the film. The pacing is good to be completely honest it took me a little bit to get fully engaged with the story but for the most of the film it’s engagingly well paced.

The acting is phenomenal Rosamund Pike gives a phenomenal performance. She displays such a large range of drastic emotion she really should have won Best Actress at the Oscars. She undoubtedly gives one of the best performances of the last decade. Ben Affleck gives a fantastic performance he gives such an pronounced and poignant performance. He probably gives the best performance of his career (his performance in Good Will Hunting being a very close second). Both of their characters are very three dimensional, it’s hard to decide what characters side you are on because there are so complexly built to be unlikeable and like able at the same time. Carrie Coon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry give great supporting performances as well.

The direction is fantastic from David Fincher, he absolutely nails the brutally dark tone of most of his films and almost all of his directorial choices felt exceptionally bold. The script is fantastic even though at times the dialogue can feel a little bleak it’s mainly a thought provoking and smartly written script. The cinematography is great this film is full of impressive and memorable shots. My favorite shot of the film was easily the opening and closing close up of Amy. The editing is fantastic it’s very smooth yet swift editing that works very well with the dark tone of the story. The ending is a well set up ending even though it can feel dissatisfying. Overall Gone Girl is a very well crafted film with an immensely heinous and erudite tone that confirms David Fincher is one of the best directors currently working. 

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