Psycho ★★★★★


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Psycho is perfection. Apart from Jaws, my watching of this film has marked the most times I’ve fully seen a film outside of those I saw during my childhood or through the Christmas holiday. Even after six times experiencing this absolute classic, it remains in my book one of the most gripping and tightly knit films to have ever been made- lasting timelessly and continuing to thrive. It may have been the fact I was very tired from a busy day or the dark nighttime setting a window away but whatever the reason I found this film to be even more atmospherically creepier and kind of scarier than it usually is each year- a testament to how incredible pieces of filmmaking like this can shift even when you know it like the back of your hand. Also, this year I watched this film once again with my grandma and right before the shower scene as Norman runs up to his house- knowing me as the resident Oscar fanatic she asked me if Anthony Perkins won an Oscar for his iconic performance. I proceeded to tell her that he not only hadn’t won but wasn’t even nominated- probably one of the academy’s biggest mess ups in the Best Actor category. Overall Psycho is quite simply a masterpiece- no if, ands, or buts about it. 

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