Scream ★★★½


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Scream is a very fun movie. The 1996 Scream is both of one of my favorite horror films ever made and amongst my favorites of the whole 90s decade but somehow I’ve yet to watch any of the generally beloved sequels and the way I’ve been able to wonder/anticipate if this film would be even close to as good as the original has had me excited. Firstly when the trailer for this film released I definitely wasn’t completely on board and seriously had my doubts, which I supposedly wouldn’t have had as strongly if I’d seen the sequels, especially since it seemed to following down a path of just being another shameless horror reboot that makes big bucks solely off bringing back nostalgic legacy characters but fortunately it fully took on those issues and in a fascinating turn of events made them work in it’s favor. Watching this film, both being able to have an expectedly entertaining experience with it and easily being able to appreciate a similar sense of cleverness that helped make me love the original so much seriously had me wishing I’d started surfing the wave sooner when it played on the big screen. I don’t know why I generally only wait till around fall/Halloween time to really dig into horror films because every time I watch one outside of that season of the year I’m just further reminded that it’s without a doubt one of my favorite genres and one I never fail to get all giddy with excitement over. While this film clearly doesn’t run the full mile of catching up to the original one or other horror greats of that time period, which is a run not many recent films to have the lung capacity to do, it nonetheless solidifies a bloody mark in certainly being one of the more effective horror films of recent years.

The plot is good it’s a very enjoyable and thrilling story. It’s a story jam packed with meta-commentary and clever storytelling that all together build towards a consistently entertaining experience that spares no expense in going all in with it’s horror elements. In this franchise’s iconic fashion it bases many plot points off of it’s awareness and effectively manages to make almost every move it takes narratively smart. This story knows exactly what it is and directly talks about/draws attention to even it’s most noticeable flaws, something many horror films can’t execute nearly as well. While the appearance those problems can slip through quite often, a majority of others are addressed and in a way seemingly allowed to occur.

 Also I wasn’t expecting much at all, despite my knowledge of the cast which is clearly talented, from most of our new teenage characters but they surprisingly really well executed and ended up feeling memorable. There’s a few big flaws with the story the biggest ones being that in my opinion the whole character arc of Sam/the way her father is utilized alongside that was really underdeveloped and while this is more of a nitpick one character decision in the beginning of the third act had me actually frustrated at how obviously un-smart it was. The pacing is great since it’s such a fast and entertaining story there isn’t a single slow or boring moment.

 The acting is very good Melissa Barrea and Jenny Ortega give very good performances. I wasn’t a fan of the way her character was executed and developed but admittedly Barrea does a great job with what’s given to her. Ortega is where the cast peaks for me though. I’ve been a fan of her ever since my days of watching Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle with my family, coming from someone who’s seen way more Disney shows that someone should mainly through my little sister that show was genuinely pretty good, so it’s awesome to see her career evolving especially into the landscape of horror. Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette give good supporting performances reprising their beloved roles too.

Jack Quaid, Mikey Madison (another actress we seriously need to be on the look out for), Dylan Minnette, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Mason Gooding give great supporting performances as well. The direction is good from Matt Bettinelli Olpin and Tyler Gillett, they both are able to humbly pay homage to the master Wes Craven and give themselves a breath of new style through some expectation-surpassing directional choices. The script is good there’s some holes here in there in need of sowing but for the most part the script does it’s job with ease and efficiency. The cinematography and editing are good too. The horror is fantastic it’s not particularly anything scary but it’s certainly thrilling especially due to the stakes actually feeling high. There’s some absolutely brutal and original kills consistently shown throughout the film. The occasional humor generally works to it’s best extent too. The ending is satisfying ending that leaves things off with a nice homage to the exact same final shot of the original film. To be honest a part of me is hesitant about the sixth film in the franchise releasing next year but then again the other half of me realizes that it’ll probably be just as clever and fun as this one is. Overall Scream is a surprisingly successful reboot-sequel that a lot of horror fans will most likely have a blast with, one thing’s for sure I absolutely did. 

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