Spotlight ★★★★★


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Spotlight is an immensely realistic and very well made movie. I saw this for the first time about a year ago and I’ve been excited to rewatch it ever since then. There is just so many brilliant aspects that make this film something truly notable and significantly important. The plot is great it’s an overwhelmingly moving and captivating story. Its a tragic story that makes you think about how much we really don’t know and how most major cover ups will never be revealed. Just the thought of a massive leader in the average comuinty doing such horrid things and the victims not being able to say or do anything is absolutely heartbreaking. Also this film is one of the best depictions of journalism in film history.

The pacing is great since it’s such a captivating story there isn’t a single slow or boring moment. The acting is fantastic Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams give fantastic performances. It’s pretty impressive that Keaton starred in two Best Picture Winners in a row. Mark Ruffalo give a fantastic performance he no doubt gives the best performance of the film and he really should have won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Brian d’Arcy, and Stanley Tucci give great supporting performances as well.

The direction is phenomenal from Tom McCarthy, it’s very impressive that his direction is so masterful and incredibly well thought out even though this was his first (somewhat) bigger budget/popular film. The script is phenomenal it’s an intelligent and fresh script. It’s probably one of the most authentic and grasping scripts of the last decade. The cinematography is great there is a handful of memorable and impressive shots especially some of the close ups. The editing is incredible it’s some of the smoothest and fastest editing of all time. If it wasn’t for Mad Max: Fury Road this film should have won Best Editing at the Oscars. The ending is a heartbreaking and eye opening ending that leaves you in awe of what you just watched. Overall Spotlight is a truly captivating film that’s no doubt one of the most systematic and subtly restrained films ever made.

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