The Shining

The Shining ★★★★★


The Shinning is an amazing movie. Okay, I don’t usually structurally do this with my reviews but since this is what feels like my hundredth time writing about this film I’ve decided to do a few mini rankings relating to this Stanley Kubrick masterpiece. In a film that’s riddled with almost nothing but iconic scenes of horror, dialogue, and ominism it can be quite difficult to chose just one as favorite so for my first ranking- here are my top five favorite scenes out of this film. 

1. “Reveal of 1921 Picture” 
2. “Here’s Johnny” 
3. “Jack Goes Into Room 234”
4. “Twins in the Hallways” 
5. “Final Chase Through Maze” 

For my second little ranking, I’d like to rank two of the most recognizable, referenced, and downright creepy figures in this film- the twins. 

1. Twin #2 
2. Twin #1 

That has to be one of the hardest decisions I’ve made on a ranking here on Letterboxd but nonetheless a decision I had to make. For my third and final mini ranking, since this classic unfortunately never had the chance to & never would have seriously cracked into the awards season- here are the top five Oscars categories I think it deserved to be in the most. 

1. Best Director 
2. Best Picture 
3. Best Original Score 
4. Best Production Design 
5. Best Actress 

In all honesty, this film would have easily merited like eight or nine nominations if I solely ran the academy back in 1981. Anyway, I hope this review structure of mini rankings turned out good because if it sits well with me I may continue it with more of my annual Halloween watches. Overall The Shining is both a misunderstood & widely beloved piece of filmmaking that’s rightfully helped define psychological horror on the big screen for decades and will surely go on to continue doing so for as long as it can accessed. 

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