West Side Story ★★★★


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West Side Story is a really good musical. I saw a play of this about a year ago so I already knew what was going to happen in this film, nonetheless I still was interested to see this. The plot is good it’s the timeless Romeo and Juliet story and it’s pretty entertaining. The first and second act are good but the third act is great. The last 30 minutes are pretty intense and engaging. The acting is good Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer give good performances. George Charkiris and Rita Moreno gives great supporting performances as well. Some of the characters can feel plain at times though. The direction is great from Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. The cinematography is fantastic, the film is full of phenomenal and incredibly impressive shots. The music is fantastic the songs are iconic, catchy, and memorable. The dance choreography is great and very impressive. The ending is good it’s emotional yet it leaves you satisfied. Overall West Side Story is a classic musical that’s entertaining and memorable. 

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