• Night of the Comet
  • Night of the Demons
  • The Fog
  • Witchboard
  • The Shining

Étienne's Favorite Horror Films

Some of these films are more "suspense" (or even more comedy flavored) than horror, but they're ambiguous enough to make…

  • Us
  • Lords of Chaos
  • Climax
  • The Wind
  • Into the Dark: I'm Just F*cking with You

Cropsy Ranks the Horror Films of 2019!


Cropsy 21 films

My personal ranking of 2019 horror.

  • 3 Dead Trick or Treaters
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 10/31
  • 28 Days Later
  • 28 Weeks Later

My Horror Blu Ray Collection

All Of The Horror Movie Blu Rays I Own.

  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
  • Oneechanbara The Movie
  • Even Lambs Have Teeth
  • Samurai Princess
  • Hard to Die
  • The Descent
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Pulse
  • The House of the Devil
  • Let the Right One In

00s Horror Ranked

Harper Harris

Harper Harris 83 films

These are all the 00s horror movies I've seen, ranked.

  • Bhool Bhulaiyaa
  • Bedevilled
  • Ju Dou
  • Bhaagamathie
  • Out of the Dark

My Unseen Horror


RAJ 1,810 films

From IMDb, rated 4.5+ with at least 1000 votes.

  • Audition
  • The Strangers
  • Ravenous
  • Hereditary
  • Lake Mungo



easydiff 16 films

Movies that start by grabbing your throat and slowly crush your windpipe, leaving you with nothing left.

  • 28 Days Later
  • 1408
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • 28 Weeks Later
  • 7 Witches

Long list of horror movies


gen454 486 films

I just love horror movies! And here is a list of all those I saw, which means that a bunch…

  • Lights Out
  • The Conjuring 2
  • Train to Busan
  • The Wailing
  • Don't Breathe

Horror Movies


Shimshimi 951 films

Horror movies I've seen

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  • The People Under the Stairs
  • Hobo with a Shotgun
  • Dance of the Dead

thematically linking


fairied 4 films

tcsm + puts: conservative horrific family puts + hwas: poor person sacrificing self to better community hwas + dotd: spectacle…

  • I Am a Ghost
  • Motel Hell
  • Funny Games
  • Diabolique
  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

horror films to watch


kat 343 films

horror movie watchlist for personal reference

  • We All Scream for Ice Cream
  • 976-Evil II
  • All Hallows' Eve
  • The Black Cat
  • Creepshow 2

Halfway to Halloween 2019

Kev S.

Kev S. 37 films

Or as I like to call it "No Hallow's Eve." Almost all of these are on Prime Video. Masters of…