• John Wick
  • Annihilation
  • The Matrix
  • Sicario
  • The Endless

Netflix Watchlist


anokmusician 103 films

Netflix needs no intro. Here's movies I've found on netflix canada that I want to see at some point.

  • Unsane
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • A Clockwork Orange

Movies I Watched in 2019

David Fellowes

David Fellowes 213 films

Every movie I have watched in 2019. Trying to watch at least one movie a day! Comment movies I could…

  • The Thing from Another World
  • Widows
  • Harvey
  • Creed II
  • Eyes Wide Shut

Netflix DVD Queue

Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs 392 films

This is a list of the movies in my Netflix DVD queue.

  • Shoplifters
  • BlacKkKlansman
  • On Body and Soul
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  • The Favourite
  • The Man Who Knew Too Much
  • Late Spring
  • Tokyo-Ga
  • Vertigo
  • I Am Cuba

2019: Spectacle of the Image


Jesse 313 films

These are the films I have watched in the year 2019.

  • Diabolique
  • Onibaba
  • Let the Right One In
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
  • Faust

Horror Movies Watchlist

...and yet another watchlist I never knew I would finish but fuck it. Here I just made another one. I'm…

  • 13th
  • 3 Days in Quiberon
  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • The Act of Killing
  • Addicted to Fresno

Watchlist: Women Directors


felonioustongue 271 films

Directed or co-directed by women.

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Bird Box
  • Swimming with Men
  • Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle
  • Locke

What I've Watched - 2019

Ewan Gleadow

Ewan Gleadow 201 films

I have the A Film a Day List, and I'll keep that going, but I want to make this list…

  • Bird Box
  • Logan Lucky
  • Finding Dory
  • Spotlight
  • Birdman

Most Popular Movie from Each Year I've Been Alive but Haven't Seen Yet

Only going to count ones that I have any interest in seeing.

  • The 400 Blows
  • All Is Lost
  • All That Jazz
  • Barry Lyndon
  • A Bigger Splash
  • Jackie
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Her
  • Halloween
  • Us

Priority watchlist

The movies I want to see ASAP!

Idea yoinked from letterboxd.com/douglasmitchell/

  • Blow-Up
  • Breathless
  • Deep Red
  • Doctor Zhivago
  • The Florida Project

Watchlist: Up Next


Jop 15 films

The 15 films I’ll most likely watch the soonest, sorted alphabetically.