Paris, Texas ★★★★½

This is as American as you can get when it comes to great American cinema. 

The film deals with a lot. Fragmented memories, family struggles, father and son relationships, brotherly relationship, abuse, marriage problems, the list goes on and, yet, the film doesn’t want to tell you or give you all the answers rather have you figure out those missing pieces. Right from the beginning it had me questioning a lot: Who is Travis? What is he doing? Where is he going? What happened to his son? Why did he leave? The film is like a giant puzzle and all you get is an unfinished puzzle that makes out the picture you can see clearly. The pacing starts off fairly slow, it’s kinda a drag the first 30 or so minutes but then it gets incredibly better towards the end.

Other than that, amazing acting especially the kid actor who played Hunter is adorable, that one scene at the peep show where he’s trying to talk to Jane on the phone is so brutal and sad. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking and I love the use of colors, red and green especially! Love the landscape and the music guitar score really gives the tone of this film an old folk style that blends well with the films entirely.