Favorite films

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • The Rules of Attraction
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Variety

Recent activity

  • Girl King

  • Traveling at Night

  • Foolproof Illusion

  • Good Luck Chuck

Recent reviews

  • Girl King

    Girl King

    Was giving Shakespeare to me honestly but like in a good way lol

  • How to Shoot a Crime

    How to Shoot a Crime

    I’m really glad I went to this shorts program even though I was made to believe that Chris Kraus would be there in person and I could have a panic attack contemplating whether I should ask her to sign my copy of I Love Dick but alas it was a zoom Q&A (although she was still so cute and smart and funny). This was the one I liked the most and am still thinking about. Somehow seeing real footage of dead bodies is effectively shocking maybe more than most things I could think of.

Popular reviews

  • It’s Only a Movie

    It’s Only a Movie


    Genius. Scary, funny and morally complicated in a way that I want all found footage horror and hybrid documentaries to be. Even though I knew basically what the movie was getting at, since it is essentially said and demonstrated in the first scene, there was a point towards the end where it all kind of clicked perfectly for me and I suddenly felt newly disturbed (I was also maybe way too stoned and processing things on a different wavelength) just…

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future

    I recently listened to a podcast episode where someone said something along the lines of sex on film is one of the most historical failures of human civilization, which somehow never occurred to me, but watching this I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I also never quite articulated in my mind that Cronenberg has constantly trying (and at times succeeding) to reinvent cinematic sex in a way that makes me question what sex really is, on screen and irl. In that sense, this feels like a beautiful culmination of many of his previous discussions and dissections, like it was all leading up to this.