Us ★★★½

"I will surely bring calamity upon them, which they will not be able to escape...." ~ Jeremiah 11:11

Writer-director Jordan Peele follows up his debut hit "Get Out" (2017) with another horror thriller, this time involving two whole families of potential victims, the Wilsons and the Tylers. The story was allegedly inspired by a Twilight Zone episode called "Mirror Image," in which a young woman encounters her evil doppelgänger. I'm going to break from my usual synopsis-style review to make three comments about this film.

#1 - I saw the trailers (many times) and had decided to save this for Hoop-Tober viewing on DVD. But when Regal's Cinema Club gave me a free ticket... well, let's say I'm easily bribed. And happy to report, the trailers give nothing away at all. It's deeper, scarier and better acted than they make it out to be.

#2 - The three ladies sitting two rows behind me who talked almost non-stop through the entire film did not bother me nearly as much as they would have if I had paid to see this. I used their momentary silences as a barometer to indicate the most interesting sequences. Yes, they were occasionally speechless.

#3 - (Potential spoiler here) - Although this is a worthy follow-up to "Get Out," I score it a notch below for one simple reason: I think Peele overshot the mark. He took a really good, simple concept and stretched it bigger than a zombie apocalypse. And that's a shame, because there is an awful lot of excellence here.

So I say see this. Draw your own conclusions. But see this. (And I think I may see it again in October on DVD, too.)

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