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This review may contain spoilers.

What can I say about Sorcerer? Super underrated, great cast, fantastic soundtrack by Tangerine Dream. A better version of Suicide Squad and one of the best remakes. It's similar to Stephen King's The Long Walk, a long path to hell. Although I love Wages of Fear, I think Sorcerer is a bit better. It's a shame that Steve McQueen didn't do it. Still, Roy Scheider did a great job, underrated actor.
People seem to hate the ending, I think it's great, let's not forget these men are criminals. Friedkin does a great thing in most of his films which is most of the characters have a good side & bad side to them. You want to see these characters succeed even though they have a dark past. Makes humans even more interesting.
It's a shame the movie didn't do well. I guess the people were disappointed that it wasn't a horror movie especially with a title like Sorcerer.
Star Wars buried it and now finally, people can experience this hidden gem. Even Stephen King is a big fan.
And yes the Maniac himself, Joe Spinell, has a small cameo.

I would recommend Dirty Dozen also.

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