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This review may contain spoilers.

Another one of those films that I can say its a masterpiece from start to finish. You can tell that the people behind this project carefully took their time and effort to achieve perfection. Not some cheap crap like the Paranormal Activity sequels or Annabelle sequels or Nun where it was done pretty quick just to please the braindead audience who will watch these films cause look, spooooky dolls. Here we have a slow burn horror film that takes its time. This gives you the chance to explore these characters. It may not be for everyone or your kind of horror film but give it a shot.

The cast is just perfect, you have the legend Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson Look, its ok if you're a fan of that franchise. I just don't get it, he was awful. I cant blame him, the script sucked. Since that franchise is long gone, I can give him another chance and oh boy, he surprised me. Its started with Good Time but here, he went even higher. Even though Dafoe stole the show, as always, Pattinson did an excellent job.

So you have a horror movie in one location, perfect. Usually that's a sign of a good story. It reminds of the Shining which is another a good sign and no, its not because there is an axe. Both films dealt with madness and isolation.

The cinematography is perfect as well as the atmosphere, you feel like you're trapped with these men, slowly going insane. The night scenes alone feel claustrophobic. I just love that the characters are talking in old English dialect. Off course you need subtitles, its just another element of taking you back to the past. The sound and music used were perfect. I never thought the sound of foghorn would be so eerie and apocalyptic.

You don't get any jumpscares, just unsettling or creepy images that stick with you. It's definitely one of those films that needs to be analyzed. This film could easily be a Twilight Zone episode. Another dimension indeed.

One negative, the farting wasn't needed. It felt out of place. Its like if Jack Torrance started rapping...da fuck? Oh well, doesn't hurt the film.

Overall, a masterpiece. I'm putting it up there with films like the Shining & the Thing. Its a shame that it only got nominated for best cinematography, are you fucking kidding me? Dafoe deserved a nomination, the guy was phenomenal. This was the right time for him to finally win. DAMN IT!

Robert Eggers, I salute you. I want more from your mind. I just hope you don't end up making franchises or super hero movies. The guy does a lot of research when dealing with films that take place in the past. Take us back to those times, share your visions. This is just the beginning, don't let us down.

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