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  • Not Wanted

    Not Wanted


    This was wonderful: I had ALWAYS adored Ida Lupino's work as an actress...and from thoroughly enjoying the two directorial efforts of hers I had seen ('The Hitch-Hiker' and 'On Dangerous Ground'), I decided to take a chance and buy Kino Lorber's recent 'Ida Lupino Filmmaker Collection': It had a dandy book, would upgrade my THH to blu, and give me three other of her films (including this) to peruse...

    It was interesting to see views about unwed mothers and how…

  • Meet Him And Die

    Meet Him And Die


    This was an unexpectedly GREAT 'guilty pleasure' for me! I LOVE Italian crime films from the 70's AND everything I've been able to find from RaroVideo so far, so when my local haunt had three of their films on clearance, lowered from $26 each to $8, I jumped and snagged all of them. THIS ONE I figured was the least of the bunch, but I craved excitement last night so I threw it on...

    I like the idea here, by…

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  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    With director Cimino's recent death and his reputation in tatters since the debacle of 'Heaven's Gate', I decided to visit 'The Deer Hunter'. Though over three hours long, it's astonishing, paced so achingly right and I can see why he rightfully earned the 'carte blanche' that would unfortunately lead to his downfall (as well as an entire studio's) as soon as he made his next film. But to reach such heights and to have such ambition--as well as undeniable talent--is…

  • Heat



    Next to 'Carlito's Way' and 'Bad Lieutenant', this is my very favourite movie of the 90's. Outstanding, raw, in-your-face cinema. Anyone that tries to tells you Michael Mann isn't a director worthy of your attention obviously hasn't seen either this or 'Thief'--two of the greatest works of American contemporary (last 35 years) cinema. It's simply THAT good.