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  • Ménilmontant



    DEFINITELY a 20's experimental film worth seeing--especially if you're a fan both of Eisenstein and Bunuel. Wow, with a capital 'WOW'! =)

  • Man of Three Worlds: Luchino Visconti

    Man of Three Worlds: Luchino Visconti


    This BBC 1/2 hour documentary/interview was an extra on my Criterion DVD release for Visconti's film, 'Senso'. It was both decent and enjoyable, but it hardly scratches the surface of understanding such a complex man and great artist as Visconti was.

    Originally, this was Episode 28 of the 37-episode BBC-documentary TV-series 'Sunday Night'.

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  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    With director Cimino's recent death and his reputation in tatters since the debacle of 'Heaven's Gate', I decided to visit 'The Deer Hunter'. Though over three hours long, it's astonishing, paced so achingly right and I can see why he rightfully earned the 'carte blanche' that would unfortunately lead to his downfall (as well as an entire studio's) as soon as he made his next film. But to reach such heights and to have such ambition--as well as undeniable talent--is…

  • Heat



    Next to 'Carlito's Way' and 'Bad Lieutenant', this is my very favourite movie of the 90's. Outstanding, raw, in-your-face cinema. Anyone that tries to tells you Michael Mann isn't a director worthy of your attention obviously hasn't seen either this or 'Thief'--two of the greatest works of American contemporary (last 35 years) cinema. It's simply THAT good.