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  • Priest



    This sucked. The 2 stars I gave it are for the idea of a future run by the church I think that’s cool how even the confessions become automated. As for the vampires this is awful. Vampires are intelligent creatures and this makes them out to be mindless animals. Also the story line just sucks ass 
    Also like I can’t tell the ages of anyone it doesn’t make sense

  • Maurice



    First of all the director of cmbyn took great inspiration from this which is clear. Some shots are identical. This film is amazing I loved every second of the secrets and hiding. The scholarly nature of these men who love each-other is heartwarming and the line “I am an unspeakable of the Dorian gray sort” perfectly sums up the shame and the era

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  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


    Really not interested in the cop redemption arc but I think it’s symbolic of how the only good a cop can do is kill themself or stop being a cop.
    The topic of race wasn’t handled very well but all over a great watch and it feels extremely real.
    Hitting on the issues of police brutality without going as deep as may have been needed 
    But the movie isn’t about that it’s about incompetence of the stupid police 
    While the…

  • Byzantium



    Beautiful vampire movie. Does raise some questions about the vampire process as well as the moral implications of a 200 year old who looks 16 getting with a real 16 year old.
    Makes you think