Snowpiercer ★★★★½

So Snowpiercer, What a Fantastically dark movie. Going into this movie, I think it's best you know it's very dark, in a way that makes it feel realistic. With that, it should be clear that this movie is an acquired taste, I can see people disliking this movie it is a dystopian Scifi movie after all, Which is my cup of tea but not everyone's.

Now, the movie itself deals with great philosophical concepts about morality, life, death, and control. There's an excellent world-building amongst the train which the film is set on. While watching the movie, you entirely become invested in this world and the protagonist Curtis Everett.

Let's talk about Chris Evans, Snowpiecer came out in a period after the Avengers, after the dark knight trilogy and arguably the massive success of the comic book superhero genre. So here we have Chris Evans, Captain America himself, play a character that is the complete opposite of that. And when you look and Curtis Everett as a darker evil/unwilling take on a character, than you get another layer to this film. Director Rian Johnson said in an interview once that "when you cast an actor you're also casting their portfolio as well. Casting Captain America in a role that challenges the nature of a leader and their origins while also diving deep into what it takes to be a leader and save humanity is by no means an accident and, in this case, really makes Snowpeircer a better movie.

But there is a movie that does this even better and more on that when I review it.

In conclusion, Snowpeircer is a fantastic film, that deals with weighty issues and is not for the faint of heart and not suitable for children. But it is a film with a message which it delivers on, and it is not the message that you think it is. If you're a massive marvel fan, give this movie a watch, you might get more out of it than you think.