Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems ★★★★½

Going into the film, all I had heard was how great Adam Sandler was in the role of Howard Ratner. I was not disappointed. Full disclosure I've never actually thought he was a bad actor at all, and this is a delight for me to see.

However, the film itself is an excellent story of how one man can fuck up his life so much or how sometimes even when your plans work out, you still don't win.

Uncut Gems was a very emotional story; I found myself continually thinking "no, don't do this and don't do that." Though as the story went on that quickly turned into sympathy as I started thinking more along the lines of, "would these guys just give him a break he knows what he's doing and you keep interfering." The film does a fantastic job of relating the audience to the protagonist and when the ending happens t seems almost out of the left-field, but because the film never shied away from the questionable morality of Howard Ratner, you look back and think yeah that's what would happen. As happy or sad as it may be, he led himself to this position no one else did.

The movie is very down to earth in a real grit filled way and is intense. And if you can handle intense storytelling, then this is the movie for you if you can't, then perhaps not.

Overall it was well worth my time and any aspiring storyteller should watch this movie.