Tenet ★★★

“Don’t try to understand it, feel it.” 

So, Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated sci-fi action epic is finally here and my theatre happened to be playing and living so close, I thought I’d take a chance and see it.

First of all before my thoughts on the actual film. The theatre seems to be handling this well where I am. The seating is very spread out and I everyone wore a mask throughout the film. So, I felt very safe the whole time. Just for anyone who was worried about this in particular.

Tenet... To be quite honest I’m not entirely sure how I 100% feel about it but I definitely enjoyed my watch. However I will say, I found myself quite frustrated with how vague everything feels. It’s clearly not laziness, but I never quite felt connected to anything in a human way and that for me, kept this one from being really great. 

Structurally this thing is wild but fucking props to editor Jennifer Lame for tying it all together just beautifully. Not to mention the action which is stunningly and effortlessly cut together. Considering the subject matter, a massive feat not to be overlooked by me. Props to Ludwig Goransson as well on his kickass score.

Altogether, this is an ambitious film. It’s massive in scale as it is in ideas. Nolan continuing to push action filmmaking into the cerebral world is exciting, I just wish I cared about who the people actually are as people more than just archetypes and ideas. Those things are great but it can only take you so far before you start to want more. 

It’s a fun action epic and I admire it for what it’s trying to do even if the end result is kinda frustrating. It could also be that maybe I’m not smart enough for it lol. I would like to see it again to fully understand everything but I’m in no rush. 

Stay safe my friends. 🤙

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