Thor: Ragnarok

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This review may contain spoilers.

It took two mediocre movies to get Thor to this amazing glory. I get that it was somewhat an expectation to build it as grand as it could be, but it doesn't need to be that way? Taika Waititi unabashedly took Thor's character from the first movie with a tone of melancholy from the second one and put it in a space opera. I'd like to think he took some inspiration from Guardians of the Galaxy but Thor has always dealt with realms and we should see the space opera coming.

Huge shout out to Cate Blanchett who looks super menacing as Goddess of Death. I'll gladly kneel for my queen. What took me by surprise is the fight choreography which is so acrobatic in a good sense, shows her lithe figure oh so beautifully. She's otherworldly. Tessa Thompson is such a scene stealer. I'm so looking forward to her future works. I can write more about the boys but save it, someone will write a better essay than me.

Lastly, this four stars rating is also for Anthony Hopkins and his 'inception' acting which is such a delight to see. And Benevolent Cumbersparkle with his 'character development' from Doctor Strange.

TL;DR fun, humor everywhere, not for kids because they really said orgies lol

P. S. The second post-credit scene is such a waste. And the Indonesian subtitle is hilarious. Props.

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