Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

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This review may contain spoilers.

i keep coming back to this movie, and getting more and more angry and lowering my rating, so i'm fixing my review. cassie wasted her time scolding rapists while traumatizing other women about rape, held herself up as a judge of bad men while not blinking at her boyfriend playfully calling her a stupid bitch, disguised herself as a sex worker (a group that disproportionately suffers rape and murder without justice) to go somewhere she knew something might happen to her, left evidence on her wealthy white murderer that would indicate he was acting in self-defense (with plenty of wealthy white witnesses around to back him up), and then trusted that the fucking police would do the right thing while she was dead and buried somewhere, without considering that she got murdered for literally nothing so now she AND nina won't see justice. nina was a faceless footnote in her own traumatic story, and cassie tainted and overshadowed her memory for nothing. please tell me what's "feminist" about ANY of this.

for a movie advertised as a revenge thriller, it shows more dimension to rapists than it does their victims, tortures every woman far more severely than any rapist or protector of rapists, and makes the female lead look incompetent and irrational at every turn before and after violently dealing her the only death in the movie. very cool, emerald fennell!

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