Eternals ★★½

Alright screw whoever came up with the idea to change aspect ratios during action scenes, sure it looked cool but it was super disorienting and wore its welcome really early. Leave my action bars alone!

So the main problem all of my friends and I had with Phase 4 of the MCU was that it would open up the Multiverse, which at first seems super cool and awesome, but also has some downsides. First, characters would lose some meaning because of their replacability in the multiverse, as far as dying or development goes. And second, bringing in so many characters might be detrimental to a narrative. There are wayyyyy too many villains in development right now, combining Arishem and Kang and The Dark Avengers and probably most likely Galactus, there so many villains and heroes on screen it’s insanely hard to keep track. And they’re still adding more crap. I will say this movie does not deliver on the other issue, which were that characters and moments would get lose with the Multiverse, because Marvel made a really lovable cast of characters for this movie, and one of the most progressive so far. The emotion that was begin a lot of this was super tense and high-stakes, and the character dynamics especially are what we’re poking out of this movie for me, having characters we never cared about weave together better than some scenes in the big Avengers movies. Every ounce of human behavior is explored through the Eternals, and although they’re not human, they sure as hell act like it. From betrayal and complacency to immaturity and compassion, all of these characters have a different range of how humanity has acted, and it was super cool to see how some of those core elements of humanity clashed, in a superhero sense. This also felt a whole hell of a lot more different than other Marvel movies, and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing yet. I like discussing humanity in this context though, it gives some really cool messaging. It is going to be really interesting where Marvel is going to pilot this specific cast of characters, and how the whole Phase 4 is going to fit together, it’s gonna be an insane task.

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