Upgrade ★★★★★

This is such an awesome movie. everything in it constitutes really great craftsmanship, and it looks like a lot of effort was put into this. The set design convinced me the movie was set in the future, looking realistic but not like today's modern environment. The camera work in this movie is incredible. The way the camera moves with the action is so cool to me, and when Grey's head is stabilized by the camera, that to me shows that the AI is slowly taking over, or in that instance, the AI is in control. This is such a cool concept to explore too. The action was clean and fit with the story, and Grey's reaction to his first kill was really funny. He slowly becomes more detached and numb from his killings, and I think that could represent how technology might be making us, as a society, numb or desensitized as well. The plot twist was really shocking at the end, but I didn't like how it was revealed. it felt like the Now you See Me plot twist, but it wasn't cheap. It still managed to make me feel content about the plot while still leaving my mouth wide open. Great movie and the camera work is one of my favorite parts about it.

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