Lamb ★★★

Before I watch this film I thought it has some interesting ideas but now I see it is just another folkloric horror film. It’s not completely unoriginal but it does not surprise us for a second. It is based on a scenario structure we used to see. But it is not average in every way, it is good at some points.

For example, the film looks pretty good but I think good cinematography isn’t a special thing in modern horror films, especially in a24 films. And feels like a Show-off sometimes. It has that sitcom scene transition thing. The scene finishes and it shows us the scenery then the other scene comes in. Why? Because Iceland scenery is so cool. Well, how is acting? It is good but I have some complaints about it too. In a few of the scenes, Noomi Rapace made me think that she is saying “Wow! Look at how much I dedicated myself to this role that I am shoving my arm to an animal’s butt hole. I am the real farm woman.”. Hilmir Snær Guðnason’s character was a complete mess that his acting didn’t meant anything to me.

Lamb is also trying to say something about family but it is pretty weak. Because lngvar is a weak character. It is just an object that is used by the script. It doesn’t mean anything by himself. And it is making the family drama pretty useless.

And finally the mythical creature… It is kind of a symbol of the wrath of nature against humankind but dude it is not my problem that your goat mother was raped by some sick guy. Although if you hate humans why are you using a human-made weapon. You are a hypocrite.

To be honest, Antlers was a better film almost in every way. Shame, it didn’t have the precious a24 tag. But as a person who loves folkloric horror films, I’m not sad that I watched Lamb. In fact, I am pretty satisfied and happy that I didn’t miss it.

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