Eternity and a Day

Eternity and A Day is my next door neighbor, the stranger who answers me with a piece of music that resounds through my home and hearth. We live in different worlds that perhaps have little in common but for this bridge which holds our lives together through the distance. And yet, we are not so different. A kind of poetry, a kind of love and something of the political: our earth, fire, wind and water. In this moment, I am bounded as Alexandros, he by his mortality, and I by my four walls.

Like you, I have been in this room for so long. I don’t remember a life outside of it. There are vague recollections, seeming to be more fantasy than memory but I think of them still. When teetering on the edge I held on with an odd promise of going to the beach once, for just a little while to feel the wind and the sky on my face again. I waited for the time to come. I began to dream of it. A time when I was six and sleepy, driving to the beach at 5 am to catch the sunrise. The time to go is here but instead I am pushed further into those four walls.

I don’t belong here in cities, I never have. I want to go back to that time where I could lie down on the grass that opens to an unencumbered sky. But there is no way out and nowhere to go, so I must go on dreaming like Alexandros, of the time when life happened. And like Alexandros, I too am stung by finding beauty in retrospect. The past brings back memories of better times but it carries its own corpses in tow. Since we have journeyed together so far already, I look across my window when I am lost, hold out an ear for the notes that will bring me my answer: Tell me…tomorrow, how long will it last?

I know now, the place I must go, the path I must follow. We deal in words so I look for something to borrow and make my own. How should I go? I walk through the shore lightly, and there will be no footprints in the dust behind us.

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