2046 ★★★★

A beautiful collaboration of wong kar-wai and his long time collaborator Leung sucessfully tells that nothing hurts such as crazy little love. Its semi-the mood for love movie and Leung is back as chow. Its all set in 60's chow is lustful writer who funds his nightly dissipation by writting newspaper articles and bizzare sci-fi story set in 2046. He is charming, attentive, kind and even sensitive also, capable of surprising emotional cruelity in his dealing with women from mysterious gambler to ingeneous escort until he fell in love and realize all memories are traces of tears.

2046 depicts two things though except the hong kong fact.First of all its chow's imagined year as a concrete sci-fi destination, where people go to forget and secondly it's chows obsession the number of room where he met other women inspires him to write 2046 and ofcourse a gift for the love of his life.

Its beautiful and taught me a little about love.