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  • Compañeros



    I wasn’t that huge of a fan of the few Corbucci westerns I’ve seen so I was kind of wary going into this one but man, I gotta say this was really great. It’s super fast paced and fun and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can tell everyone was just having a good time on set because that energy certainly comes off on screen. Jack "ol’ reliable" Palance plays the most flamboyant villain in spaghetti western history, and Tomas Milian plays Tomas Milian (*whispers* and that’s a good thing).

  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity


    I saw this about two years ago and got filtered HARD. Fukasaku took what I like to call the Miami Vice Theatrical Cut approach and drops you right into the chaos from the opening minutes without telling you who these characters are or what their relationships to each other is, and it’s all up to you to figure it out. And you better figure it out and fast because this thing just fucking MOVES. There is ZERO handholding here and…

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  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    Texas is my favorite genre.

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    Basically The Raid 3, except possibly better than The Raid 3 that we would’ve gotten. Lacks the slick choreography, camerawork, and editing of Gareth Evans movies but more than makes up for it with the sheer brutality of the fight scenes and buckets and buckets and buckets, and buckets of gore. Seriously this thing is borderlining splatter horror. Certain review called it the “Action Cinema’s DEAD ALIVE” and I couldn’t think of a better analogy myself. It’s just so gleefully…