Aliens ★★★★½

Only James Cameron would’ve looked at something as quiet and claustrophobic as ALIEN and decided to take it into THIS direction and only James Cameron could’ve pulled it off as brilliantly as he did. But as much as I love how James Cameron worked his James Cameron magic here I gotta say, he really betrayed the flawless masterpiece that is the first movie in terms of established lore (still not as much as Ridley Scott himself would 38 years later with some dude called David created the xenomorphs so they weren’t even "aliens" to begin with senile fanfic though) here with the xenomorphs just getting fucking blasted left and right by the standard issue Colonial Marine Corps artillery here like cannon fodder. So much for that perfect organism bullshit I guess. 

This is gonna trigger some folks or even lead to like a psychotic episode amongst some of the more at-risk individuals out there so you might wanna close your eyes here for a second or even if you do decide to proceed, proceed with utmost caution and do keep in mind that this is you reading the following statement at your own discretion (just a disclaimer in case I get sued for the emotional and psychological trauma that I’m about to inflict upon the boys here): 

The Theatrical Cut is the only way that ALIENS should be experienced. And mostly because there’s slightly less of the little girl. Mostly.

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