Parasite ★★★★

Gonna violate the Geneva Convention here real quick and say that this was indeed great, but not the greatest thing since ribbed condoms that once again revolutionized our very beings and humanity as we know it like letterboxd seems to suggest. The first hour and half was so incredibly electric and easily the most exhilarating hour and half of narrative that Bong had accomplished in his entire career outside of Memories of Murder because you can’t touch Memories of Murder if you tried. So it’s unfortunate that the last 30+ minutes kind of lost me by going places that others might find only logical and satisfying, but for me truly underwhelming, redundant, and undermines a lot of good buildup work. Like that’s what all this is leading up to? Just like that?

Still, all that seems minor when comparing to just how magnificent the first hour and half was. And after immensely disliking Snowpiercer and Okja it’s so good to see Bong finally return to making native South Korean movies and to form. No one squeezes five genres into one movie and packs it as tightly as he does, after all.

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