Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

Frances Ha is an energetic, honest, quirky and smart look at friendship, relationships and how it feels like to be stranded in an everlasting, chaotic and aimless youth.

It's well crafted, visually stimulating (really enjoyed the b&w photography), has a killer soundtrack, and showcases an excellent performance from the weird and charming Greta Gerwig, who actually co-wrote the crisp and funny script with director Noah Baumbach.

Frances is a character that feels at the same time both alien and deeply relatable, and that's undoubtedly a sign of quality. The script doesn't rely much on a strong narrative, and in it's plotless simplicity it's mainly a sneak peak into a couple months in the life of Frances.

And I mean that as a good thing!

Because I really appreciated the stylistic choices here, and it certainly feels like an ode to 60s French cinema, but with a dozen nods to Woody Allen as well. It's entertaining and fascinating, and I laughed on multiple occasions, but most of all it's a feelgood movie with touches of bitter sweet. One of the best movies of 2013.

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