Burning ★★★★★

There are so many meaningful moments here, so much rich symbolism. The theme of a pantomime both literal and metaphorical; the fleeting bits of sun that represent Jong-su and Hae-mi’s own fleeting time together; him using the toilet while in the foreground, Trump is on television taking the piss; Ben speaking in past-tense about Hae-mi outside of the cafe Jong-su follows him to; Jong-su relaying the story of Hae-mi falling into a well as a child, wondering how she felt to have to wait alone for someone to find her (the same story told earlier by Hae-mi in which she says it’s Jong-su who saved her); and so many other recalls to previous key details. The direction here is absolutely tremendous, the lighting is breathtaking, the sound design is chilling and powerful, and the tone is highly refined and affective. I’d love to really pick this film apart someday and analyze each scene and interaction, there is truly so much going on under the surface. Burning is a fantastic film, I’d highly recommend it to any fans of captivating slow-burn mystery/thrillers.

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