Well Groomed ★★★½

Full review here for Polygon, but in a nutshell, this film about "creative dog grooming" (meaning grooming by people who compete in the "Creative" category at dog shows) is a nonstop barrage of amazing images and colors. Not all that challenging or informative, but wholesome and full of sequences where well-loved dogs play with their owners.

There's been some weird blowback against the hobby because it's "unnatural" and "it embarrasses/humiliates the dog" and "dogs can't consent to this" and it's so bizarre to me. It seems like projecting and anthropomorphising. Yeah, it's treating dogs like dolls. The dogs seem utterly chill with it and they're pampered and cared for. The entire micro-scene is Not My Jam in a dozen ways, but people losing their shit about it is just a reminder to me that literally no matter what people do, someone will hate it and try to stop them and claim the moral high ground.