Midsommar ★★★★★

It’s my Birthday today, so I went to see this beautifully horrific piece of art. But now I need an Ativan to calm me down after watching it, and I predict that I will need to take an Ativan before watching any of Ari Aster’s future films. 

I have never experienced this much anxiety and grief for the entirety of one movie as I have after watching Midsommar. And I have never in my life seen such a bad drug trip depicted so accurately on screen. I felt every single wave of emotion that swept through Dani’s character. I felt every piece of her within me, and when she screamed, I wanted to scream next to her. I felt trapped the minute I sat down, and I still feel trapped now. 

Despite the panic attack that is Midsommar, it was simply amazing. Definitely a big success following Hereditary. Anxiety in itself is one of the worst horrors humans can face. Once you start to feel trapped within yourself, there’s no where you can hide, and that’s the scariest fucking thing in the world. That is horror, and Ari Aster fucking nailed it.

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