• Nope



    is it too early to say this is the second best movie of the year? nope boasts stunning visuals, metaphorical storytelling, intense score and the sexiest main cast of all time. mild spoilers, the 🐒 and 🩸🌧 scenes were horrifying as hell.

    also, relevant jean jacket tweet.

  • Arrival



    i love psychological thrillers so i don’t know why this flew under my radar pre-pandemic and i kept delaying watching this. arrival was jaw-dropping, a story that glues you to your seat and pulls at your heartstrings. amy adams should’ve been at least nominated for her performance at the oscars.

  • Drive



    the movie’s good but i don’t understand why this has a cult following.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    i support women’s rights AND wrongs!
    (for legal purposes, this is a joke)

  • Ex Machina

    Ex Machina


    oscar isaac was so unattractive here, i couldn’t believe it.

  • Jamon Jamon

    Jamon Jamon


    watching young javier bardem and penélope cruz have sex on camera feels like a glimpse into their marriage in real life. 🫣 jamón jamón is ridiculous and sexy and i liked it!

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    one of the gayest straight movies in hollywood. i also live for the way they played take my breath away every five minutes.

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    i think i will revisit this movie before the year ends.

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


    embarrassed to say this is my first time watching nausicaä, which was made pre-studio ghibli. what a stunning world miyazaki created.

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    rewatched to upgrade my rating to five stars and celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. satoshi kon, you were a genius!

  • Kiss of the Rabbit God

    Kiss of the Rabbit God


    when will andrew huang make a full-length film?!

  • Purple Hearts

    Purple Hearts


    her indie-ass singing voice was annoying sorry 😭 anyways, nicholas galitzine will star alongside taylor zakhar perez in gay romance movie red white & royal blue, out hopefully next year!