Django Unchained ★★★★★


If Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a loveletter to 60s hollywood, Django Unchained is a love letter to the ol' western genre. A genre that has died out, but somehow still managing to be recycled into the new western genre today. One of them being Django Unchained. Its Quentin Tarantino's loveletter to all those great westerns and mostly spaghetti westerns he watched growing up. It manages to be a over the top and funny movie, while showcasing how black people had it back then. 

The two things that benefit from a Tarantino movie is the writing and performances. Tarantino's style of dialogue is one of the most creative writing styles in the business. He can drag on a conversation that is absolute nonsense and doesn't drive the plot forward, but it does without you noticing it. It sets up some major plot points later in the story, but you might just ignore it because the dialogue is so damn good and entertaining. I mean, dialogue is one of the reasons i even watch a Tarantino movie. I always expect it to be something good, and Tarantino always delivers. This was no exception, i was hooked on every line and every "motherfucker".

And of course the performances. Tarantino can basically get any actor he wants. He always gets a perfect cast, and this is definitely a perfect cast. You got Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Dicaprio and Samuel l Jackson, you can't go wrong with a cast like that. They're performances made this movie. The writing + line deliveries can make or break an actor, but in Django every line read is perfect.

Especially Christoph Waltz. I truly loved his character, from the moment he came on screen, he immediately became my favourite character. And Samuel was the funniest character. His line delivery is gold, and then there's Leo. I disliked Leo in this movie, in a good way. He played the character perfectly. I mean, the Leo way to act is basically to yell and scream, but its still amazing. Foxx was the most badass character in this movie. He is one of my fav movie characters, and he just has a badass character design. I've lost count how many badass entrances he has. And also, an amazing theme. Who else is singing "Django" in they're sleep?

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