GoodFellas ★★★★★


The perfect taste of wine. I recently bought the blu-ray 4K ultra HD (Didn't mean to flex) and was eager to watch it. I took my sweetass popcorn and turned off the lights. It was nightime, and the perfect rewatch was about to happen. Then i got a knock on my door, and went to see who it was. It was none other th- "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR YOU COCKSUCKER". Before i could respond i was down on the floor with blood all over me. Then i woke up. Anyway, i turned it on, and it still blew me away. The perfect gangster movie. It holds up, and will still hold up in 2642. Its a timeless classic. The use of music is amazing. Every time it uses music, it perfectly fits the scene. In the first half of the movie, love songs were used heavily. Not only is it due to Henry and Karen loving each other, its also because Henry loves his life. The scene at the start showing him as a kid looking at the gangsters outside his house, and telling us they do whatever the hell they want, and dont pay consequences for their actions. They definitely pay consequences later in the story, but Henry wants to be a somebody in a town filled with nobodies. He wants to have the same life as those gangsters outside his window. And look what happened, he hangs out with those same people as a teenager.

I forget im watching a biography. The movie immerses you so much that you forget about everything else. Its a entertaining movie. In the second half of the movie, its mostly about drugs. Henry's addiction for drugs, and the consequences he will later pay. Im not a big fan of the second half of the movie. I like the first half MUCH more. The first and second act were much more about the gangster lifestyle and, well, gangsters. And the last act is more on drugs. Not hating on it or anything, but i think its a disappointing act. Not only due to the ending, which I absolutely hated the first time i watched it but learned to love it later, it was mostly due to the slow pacing. The first two act's pacing were absolutely perfect and managed to keep a momentum. The third act became slower, and due to the pacing of the last act's, you kinda get disappointed. I dont think everyone was disappointed, but im mostly speaking about my experience. 

I thought the ending was a meh ending the first time i watched it. But after some rewatches, i grew on it. Its reality, and what else could he have done. They were gonna whack him. Henry made the right choice. This is the perfect "rise and fall of" movie. Too bad it only won one oscar.

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